THANK YOU To all that participated in our 2017 Lake Country Journal Photo Contest!
Deadline for entries was September 30th.

Please watch for our 2017 photo contest winners in our Feb/Mar 2018 edition.

To view 2016 Winners and Finalists CLICK HERE
To view 2016 staff picks CLICK HERE

Join in the Lake Country fun with our FIND IT CONTEST!

See the current issue of LCJ for the latest hidden icon. When you find the hidden icon, send us the page number, along with your name and address.

If you are correct, your name will be entered in a drawing for a year’s free subscription to LCJ.
Winners of previous contests are posted in the magazine.

December/January 2017-2018 
Camp in the winter, you say? Sure, why not!? No mosquitoes or fighting over a prime camping spot. You can even camp on the frozen lake. Find the hidden icon in our current issue!
Entries must be received by: January 31, 2018.

Find It! Contest: Camping Tent

Find the camping tent in our December/January 2017-2018 Edition and be entered to win a year's free subscription to LCJ!
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