If this is your first submission to LCJ, we suggest an initial submission of 3 to 5 images so that we can judge the quality of your work. Please use the Digital Image Submission Guidelines, and email your samples to us.

If our Art Director feels that your work is a good fit for our publication, we will notify you of this. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept every submitting photographer’s work. Images for specific features will be assigned via e-mail or by phone. For images that are chosen to print, use the Digital Image Guidelines for Publication Purposes below, and discuss the method of getting the images to LCJ with the Art Director.

Digital Image Submission Guidelines

Our preferred format for REVIEW of digital images is JPEG. When submitting digital image files for review, please size them as a 72 dpi RGB JPEG file, with the longest side being no larger than 10 inches. If sending for publication purposes, please ask the Art Director for specific details regarding the sizing of your images, or see Digital Image Guidelines for
Publication Purposes below.

Digital Image Guidelines for Publication Purposes

Our preferred format for PRINTING of digital images is TIFF or RAW. Images taken with digital cameras should be created using the highest-quality setting on your camera, or shot at the RAW setting. Shoot with the lowest ISO possible for the situation. When submitting digital image files for publication, please provide LCJ with your original RAW or TIFF
files. Images should not be corrected for color, sharpness, size, or color mode unless you are a professional photographer. Leave this work to us, as we have special guidelines for our printing process.

Image Quality

Images should be in sharp focus with proper exposure. Good composition is key.

Image Format

We prefer these formats, in order of preference, when sending images in to be published:
• Digital images via email, CD or DVD
• Original color transparencies, 35mm slides or larger format
Please do not send negatives, glass-mounted slides, unmounted 35mm transparencies, or hard copy prints.
Please note:
• We print images at 300 dots per inch and larger.
• Our page size is 8.25″ x 10.75″

Jodie Tweed | Editor, Lake Country Journal

Include your daytime phone number, as well as your e-mail address and website, if available.
Thank you for your interest in LCJ. We look forward to reviewing your images, and we wish you great success in your Lake Country photography adventures.
LCJ is not responsible for unsolicited photos when mailed. When we receive unsolicited photos that we would like to add to our inventory, we will send an acknowledgement e-mail. This acknowledgement is not a contract or a guarantee of publication. Images are filed for future consideration. If you send images for review only, or if you want rejected images returned, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope of adequate size with appropriate postage.