Crowd awaiting 1st ski jump in Coleraine, MN.

“We have a pretty rich history here with ski jumping,” says Doug Maki, club historian. “We produced an Olympic skier (Doug’s brother, Jim Maki) in the ‘70s and have since produced some Junior National Champions and some Masters National Champions.”

Doug has been involved with the sport his whole life, growing up about a half-mile from the Coleraine ski jump. “We had a short-cut trail through the woods. We would go to the ski hill after school and every weekend. My dad even helped us build a ski jump in our backyard where we could fly about fifty feet. I got to be fairly decent in the Central Division but I was never as good as my brother.”

As his competitive urge waned, Doug continued as a coach. “We have a good solid program going right now with about twenty-five kids. We have a lot of talent and they’re showing a lot of promise.” That’s no surprise, considering the club’s track record for developing successful ski jumpers.

Itasca Ski and Outing Club History of Nordic Ski Jumping Champions

1907–American Distance Record, 114 feet…Ole Mangseth

1907–National Class A Champion…Olaf Jonnum

1909–National Junior Class Champion…Barney Riley

1910–National Class B Champion…Barney Riley

1911–National Class B Champion…Barney Riley

1923–National Junior Class Champion…Rolf Mangseth

1924–National Junior Class Champion…Rolf Mangseth

1925–National Junior Class Champion…Rolf Mangseth

1925–National Class A Champion…Alfred Orhn

1928–National Class D Champion…Ronald Mangseth

1935–National Junior Class Champion…Roy Laramie

1936–National Class B Champion…Gene Wilson

1937–National Junior Class Champion…Roy Laramie

1941–National Class B Champion…Bob Riley

1950–U.S. Ski Team Captain…Gene Wilson

1975–Copper Peak Ski Flying, 2nd Place…Jim Maki

1975, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1981–U.S. Ski Team…Jim Maki

1976, 1980–U.S. Olympic Team…Jim Maki

1986–National Masters 120-Meter Champion…Jim Maki

1988, 1993, 1997– National Masters II Champion…Jim Maki

2004–National Masters II Champion…Rick Anderson

2005–National Masters I Champion…Martin Bayer

2010–National Masters I Champion…John Herschbach

2010–National Masters III Champion…Doug Maki

2012–National Masters III Champion…Doug Maki

2014–National U20 Junior Champion…Somer Schrock

2014–National U20 Nordic Combined Junior Champio…Somer Schrock

2015–National U20 Junior Champion…Somer Schrock

2015–National Masters I Champion…Dan Miller

Hall of Fame Inductees:

1967–National Ski Hall of Fame…Ole Mangseth

1981–National Ski Hall of Fame…Gene Wilson

2007–American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Ole Mangseth

2007–American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Gene Wilson

2008–American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Jim Maki

2009–American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Olaf Jonnum

2010–U.S. Masters Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Doug Maki

2010–U.S. Masters Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Jim Maki

2010–American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Alfred Orhn

2011–American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Barney Riley

2016–American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Doug Maki

2016–American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame…Jon Denney

For more information on the history of Mt. Itasca, visit the Itasca County Historical Society website, and view the video, “Coleraine Mt. Itasca.” To find out more about the Itasca Ski and Outing Club, call 218.245.3487 or visit their website,