Lake Country Journal magazine is a bimonthly lifestyle publication published among the woods and waters of the Brainerd lakes area in central Minnesota. We focus on the culture, events, and recreational opportunities that make Lake Country such a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Freelance writing queries should provide an outline of the proposed piece, including the writer’s angle. Explain to us why the topic would appeal to Lake Country readers. Personal essays, humorous pieces, and poetry should be submitted in their entirety.

At LCJ, we assume our readers live in Lake Country or have a direct tie to our local communities. We do our best to offer them insider tips and insight into our regional area. Therefore, we don’t publish stories that are general vacation stories or stories that appeal to a broad U.S. audience. We reserve the right to accept or reject each query. Keep in mind most of our issues are planned a year in advance.

Please also include two to three published works of similar style and scope of the work within your proposal.

Typically, LCJ feature assignments are only offered to experienced magazine writers. Newer writers are encouraged to pitch stories for our Front Porch or department stories.

Queries may be mailed to editor@lakecountryjournal.com or:

Lake Country Journal
1022 Madison Street
Brainerd, MN 56401